University Ukrainian is open for presentations at American universities and think tank institutions and other organizations and government agencies in the United States.

We will be glad to share information about Ukrainian University plans and activities with academics, scholars and professors, students and young researchers interested in Ukrainian studies and Ukrainian affairs.

We also ready for meetings and talks with American expert focusing on Ukraine and Ukrainian politics, government and civic activities and with American politicians and government workers interested in getting independent or alternative views on Ukraine and Ukrainian politics and government activities.

It is possible that we will help American colleagues, professionals and politicians to learn more about Ukraine and Ukrainian society and get explanation of things they could not get from other sources.

Also, we will be glad to have American academics, experts and politicians joining our research projects, taking part in our conferences, roundtable discussions, etc,

Please, feel free to send your letter e-mail to: with “Meeting at…” in the subject line. Let us know your full name, city and state, institution name, phone number, etc.

See you at interesting meetings and productive conversations!