Ukrainian University at this time exclusively on research activities and conducts researches in the following fields of study:

1. Ukrainian Studies

This is a major and fundamental field of Ukrainian University ​​research activity.

Ukrainian Studies will be developed in all possible areas and disciplines, gradually covering the whole fullness of its object and implementing a systematic and complex approaches.

We are focusing on the following directions in research activities:

  • Ukraine: The Needs For System Changes
  • Ukraine: Fighting Corruption
  • Ukraine: Fighting For Return Of Stolen History & Legacy
  • Ukrainian American & Ukrainian-American Relations Studies
  • Ukrainian Business & Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Ukrainian Cossacks Legacy & Traditions Studies
  • Ukrainian Diaspora & Worldwide Ukrainianity Studies
  • Ukrainian Education & Parenting Studies
  • Ukrainian Information Space, Mass Media & Journalism Studies
  • Ukrainian Leadership & Leaderology Studies
  • Ukrainian Nationalism & Ukrainocentrism Studies
  • Ukrainian Science of Sciences & History of Science Studies
  • Ukrainian Spiritual Space & Religion Studies
  • Ukrainization For Ukraine Studies

We invite scholars from Ukraine, Ukrainian Diaspora & all others interested to take part in these research projects.

2. Ukrainian University research interests of second level are:

  • American Studies
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Editing & Design Studies
  • Journalism & Mass Media Studies
  • Political Studies
  • Religion Studies
  • Russian Studies
  • Science of Science Studies
  • Translation Studies and others.