Save Mykola Leontovych Estate: A MONTH AFTER START

Save Mykola Leontovych Estate


A month ago we opened the page “Save Mykola Leontovych Estate” (, initiating an international project for the restoration of the estate of Mykola Leontovych in the village of Shershni, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine.

Our first step was an open letter to the public of Ukraine to support and join our initiative.

It is a pleasure to say that immediately after we went public with this initiative, there was a respond from Vinnytsia region. The head of the regional writer’s organization Vadym Vitkovsky with a group of local activists made a trip to Shershni, got acquainted with the situation and agreed to lead the working group of our initiative on Vinnytsa region level.

We have addressed a special letter to Ukraine’s Minister of Culture Yevhen Nyschuk ( The Ministry of Culture has not yet respond to our initiative, actually ignoring our letter. This is an evidence that the Ministry of Culture has no concern about Mykola Leontovych estate status and is not interested in our initiative.

So far, we have not been able to find a musical and cultural figure in Kyiv who would become a member of our initiative and lead a working group of our initiative in Kyiv to coordinate work at the national level.

Our letter to the Institute of Art, Folklore and Ethnology Studies of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences was answered by a musicologist and publisher of M. Leontovych works Dr. Valentyna Kuzyk. The active conversation with Dr. Kuzyk is not yet set up.

Having received information that the Humanitarian Fund of Ukraine announced a competition for architectural solutions for restoration of M. Leontovych’s estate, we asked the foundation to update us about the status of their project. The Fund did not respond to our letter.

Thus, the impression is that in Ukraine, neither the state represented by the Ministry of Culture, nor the general public, essentially treat the estate of the Ukrainian genius of world fame and is not interested in preserving his estate and transforming it into a powerful musical and cultural center.

With that in mind, obviously, we will have to focus on cooperation with the public and the regional and local authorities of Vinnytsia region.

It should also be emphasized that our initiative does not find support in the Ukrainian diaspora.

On the Worldwide Ukrainians level, we expect, first and foremost, that our compatriots worldwide will join our effort in raising funds in the countries of compact residence of Ukrainians, and not just in the Ukrainian communities themselves, but among the general public of Carols of the Bells admirers and commercial structures that use Carols of the Bells during the Christmas holidays.

Given the importance of this work, we are ready to stimulate our fundraising activists by sharing with them a certain percentage of raised funds. Agreements drafts with both activists and potential sponsors are being developed.

If you want to contribute to our initiative by sponsoring or donating as much as you can right now, you may do it by opening the link: All donations to Ukrainian University are tax deductible by the US laws.

You can contact us for more information or to discuss other issues via e-mail: or

Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Ivanenko

Ukrainian University

February 8, 2019