Dear Ladies & Gentlemen:

Every Christmas time all over the world you can hear and enjoy maybe the most beautiful song known as Carol of the Bells. Now, more and more people around the Globe know that this glorious song is an ancient Ukrainian carol (shchedrivka), introduced to the public by famous Ukrainian composer and conductor Mykola Leontovych (1877 – 1921) and it is known in Ukraine as “Shchedryk”. “Shchedryk” started its worldwide journey after it was triumphantly performed by the Olexander Koshits Ukrainian choir in the famous Carnegie Hall in New York.

The 100th anniversary of this event will be celebrated in two years. Ukraine should achieve not only the inclusion of “Shchedryka” in the UNESCO World Heritage, but also initiate the proclamation of 2021 as the international year of “Shchedryka”. And the village of Shershni in Vinnytsia region should become Mecca not only for carols singers, but for all Ukrainians who know and appreciate the suffering history of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, Mykola Leontovych Estate in the village of Shershni in Vinnytsia region is a very bad condition. You can see it on pictures made by Pawel Niedaszkowski and posted on Facebook (see:

Ukrainian University – a nonprofit educational and research institution in Washington, DC (USA) and only one of a few think tanks in Ukrainian diaspora – started a project with the purpose not only to help restore and maintain Mykola Leontovych Estate in Ukraine, but to build there Mykola Leontovych International Christmas Carols Festival center to celebrate and promote ancient Ukrainian and other ethnic cultures.

We believe that Mykola Leontovych deserves this Memorial, and this is actually the only way how Ukraine and Ukrainians can benefit from worldwide annual commercial use of Mykola Leontovych’s “Shchedryk” known worldwide as Carol of the Bells.

Please, be generous to pay a tribute to Mykola Leontovych by contributing or donating as much as you can to our project via UKRAINIAN UNIVERSITY. All you need to do is to follow the link: All donations to Ukrainian University are tax deductible by the US laws.

For more information (regarding other forms of payments as well), please, contact us by e-mailing to or texting to 1-202-246-2646 (Viber account is available as well).

Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Ivanenko

Ukrainian University president and co-founder

January 8, 2019