Ukrainian University Collection

The objective of this project are translation and publishing in English (and later in other languages) selected works of Ukrainian writers, politicians and public figures, scholars, etc.

The project, which is now crystallized as “Ukrainian University Collection” has a long prior history. It was discussed more than once or twice, and there were attempts to implement it both in Ukraine and in Ukrainian diaspora. Probably the most was done by Dnipro Kyiv Publishing House when it started publishing Ukrainian literature in foreign languages.

Unfortunately, the idea of ​​popularizing Ukrainian literature in the world did not find the proper implementation for a number of reasons, among which there are ideological (in the then Soviet Ukraine), organizational and professional…

The biggest reason probably was that we were not prepared for such a project. We lacked of vision, consistency and comprehensiveness, and much more.

This does not mean that we are ready to publish books like baking cakes. We are at the beginning of a long and serious preparatory work.

First, we have to develop criteria for the selection of authors and their works, translation options (at all levels). So, we have to have a lot of discussions, to hold a series of roundtables, research and practical conferences on the subject.

Secondly, this publishing project should include education and outreach components as appropriate scientific apparatus, foreign-oriented readership. So, in this respect we can not do anything without prior discussions, round tables and conferences.

Thirdly, the project implementation will involve a large number of experts from Ukraine and from other countries (not only from Ukrainian diaspora). Those are translators, literature comparativists experts, translation critics, translation editors, etc.

We hope to bring together many experts who are ready and willing cooperate with us  publishers, universities and research institutions. For most of them, apparently, it would be enough roundtables and conferences to adapt to our project. But for some of these professionals probably some kind of training courses have to be launched.

Since this publishing project is a long-term goal, we can not do well without training specialists for this project particularly. So, we will keep eye on those willing to study at Ukrainian University for a particular specialization relating to the project.

Fourth, Ukrainian University Collection  is a very expensive project, and our publishing budget would be clearly not enough to cover the costs of the project. So, we rely on the support of patrons, sponsors, donors who would finance the project as a whole and/or separate publications. Small private donations are unlikely to play a crucial role, but they will help as well.

Meanwhile, we invite you to actively discuss the project. Please, feel free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page as individual entries and comments. Dissemination of this information is encouraged, but with reference to the page and a reminder that we can only take into account opinions expressed on our Facebook page or sent via e-mail to the office ot Ukrainian University president.

We encourage you to send proposals for list of personalities, indicative list of works already translated, etc.

We invite scholars, translators, editors volunteer to participate in the Ukrainian University Collection Editorial Board.

We encourage patrons, sponsors and donors to support this project.