Ukrainization for Ukraine Program

Ukrainian University started a set of practical measures related to developing of the National Program for Ukrainization of Ukraine.

These measures include (but are not limited to):

1. A series of presentations, roundtable discussions, conferences to discuss a concept of the project, results of researches, possible ways to implement the project in current Ukraine’s reality and others.

2. A series of studies on historical experience, current problems and prospectives of Ukrainization. In accordance with research results, monographs and collection of articles and papers will be prepared and published.

3. Preparation of a detailed draft of National Program for Ukrainization of Ukraine, which also will be published.

4. Education, training and retraining of scholars, educators, journalists and other professionals who will be involved in the above activities, and will lead the implementation of the Program.

5. Fundraising, collection and accumulation of funds needed to perform action described above.

We hope that our team will be joined by Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences institutions, Ukrainian universities, Ukrainian studies research and education centers abroad, as well as Ukrainian scholars, professors, journalists and eventually all enthusiasts and activists supporting the idea of Ukrainization in Ukraine and returning Ukrainian people to their legacy, their traditions and their customs.

Welcome to work on our project!

We will willingly accept with gratitude any kind of developments that to some extent can be used or taken into account in this project development. Your name shell be on the list of persons involved in this project.

Currently, we expect participation from volunteers. Possible forms of cooperation:

1) participation in temporary research groups and groups of experts;

2) participation in discussions on topics brought to public attention;

3) assistance in organizing presentations, roundtable discussions, conferences and other public events;

4) helping to organize fundraising to cover expenses for public events and publishing costs;

5) any kind of personal financial support of the project, etc.

National Program for Ukrainization of Ukraine is a project that at this time a priori can’t expect any kind of support from the president, government or parliament and spending a dime from Ukraine’s state budget. At least at this stage.

National Program for Ukrainization of Ukraine is a project that can’t rely on the support of Ukraine’s oligarchs. First, we can’t accept funds from any oligarch with a dubious reputation. Secondly, it is unlikely there is an oligarch with a high level of Ukrainian consciousness and civic responsibility before Ukraine.

National Program for Ukrainization of Ukraine is the last project to expect grants from US, Canada, EU or any other country. Foreigners need a long time to understand the meaning and significance of Ukrainization for Ukraine, and thus for bilateral and multilateral relations between Ukraine and the world at large.

National Program for Ukrainization of Ukraine is a project development of which today are of interests and understanding of Ukrainians with high level of national civic conscious and activism in Ukraine and Ukrainian diaspora. So, this is our public project, and only we can take responsibility and all costs associated with it.

We are aware that Ukraine is at war and going through a difficult time and support of worldwide Ukrainian community is focused on solving immediate problems.

The draft of National Program for Ukrainization of Ukraine, apparently, is not an urgent task. But we hope that true patriots of Ukraine understand: Ukrainization will accelerate the resolution of all other problems in building Ukraine’s statehood and developing successful Ukraine as a subject of modern civilization.

We have to think on the National Idea of ​​Ukraine, Ukraine’s Development Strategy NOW. By investing our efforts and resources in National Program for Ukrainization of Ukraine, we will lay lasting foundations for that.